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GeoStart. Geographic applications for web and mobile

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GeoStart: Smart map applications

It’s hard to imagine our daily life without Geo information. Are there construction works on my route to work? On what day can I visit the market? What kind of touristic attractions are close by? It's important for governments and companies to present large quantities of information clearly. That’s why SWIS developed GeoStart, a geographic webviewer.

GeoStart shows your data on a map, quickly and well organized. Manually or automatically through smart links and categories. GeoStart is personalized information. For everyone.

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All your data on the map

Once your data is in the GeoStart application it will be easier for people and search engines to find it on the web. GeoStart is a webviewer suitable for every organization. Our map solutions are pragmatic and diverse and have great usability. Some examples:

10 reasons to use GeoStart:

  • The solution for every GIS Department
  • More traffic to your website through optimal indexing by search engines
  • Customized to suit every organization
  • Easily manageable with your current systems
  • Seamless integration in existing websites and widgets
  • Use your own maps with Open Layers, ESRI ArcGIS or Google Maps
  • Easy to link with existing applications and data sources
  • Create your own interactive maps and embed them
  • Perfect for containing and displaying municipal data
  • GeoStart complies with accessibility guidelines

GeoStart supports

  • OpenLayers
  • ArcGIS
  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

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GeoStart is easy to link with existing applications and data sources like MapServer, CSV, PDOK, Shapefiles, BAG, WMS, CBS, XML Governmental Publication API's

GeoStart for municipalities and governments

The municipalities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, as well as the Ministry of Home Affairs are just a few examples of map applications SWIS has realized. We have a special GeoStart package for municipalities that focuses on their specific needs.


  • Complies with accessibility guidelines
  • Choose between Open Layers, ESRI ArcGIS and Google Maps
  • Linked with PDOK and BAG-registration
  • Fully integratable with excisting GIS-applications, WMS-systems and content management systems (CMS)


Hans Bilgin, Gemeente Den Haag GeoStart is a user friendly solution for presenting and consulting information on maps. It also turned out that GeoStart could be easily integrated within our existing CMS!

Hans Bilgin, projectleader – content management organisation - Municipality Den Haag

Like to know what GeoStart can do for your organisation?

Menno can tell you everything about GeoStart and is eager to help you with your mapping needs.Leave your emailaddress or phonenumber and he will contact you as soon as possible.